Despite God fulfilling His promise to take the Jews from among the nations and restore them to their land, skepticism regarding the identity of the real Jews continues - from within the Church. Is the Israel we're witnessing today nothing more than the result of a satanic plot, or is it the activity of a miracle-working, covenant-keeping God? What is a Jew? What happened to Judaism after the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D.? Does the New Testament imply that Israel of that time is no longer Israel? Join Amir and his honorable guest, Dr. Golan Broshi, as they make their case biblically and historically as to the identity of the real Jews.


Raw. Provocative. Honest. Moving. Our conversation with Jim Caviezel is one of the most fascinating interviews we’ve ever done. You may remember Jim for his iconic portrayal of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ or for his popular lead role in the CBS drama, Person of Interest.

This week, his new movie, Infidel, releases. Inspired by true events, the powerful movie explores the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Don't miss the last part of our interview. What he shares will blow you away. He specifically asked to share something with all of you that Hollywood would never allow him to do.

Watch our interview here, then go see Infidel, in theaters now.