1. Create Valuable Content

If you create valuable content tour your Channel and if your patient the subscribers will come to your channel automatically. Watch other channels. And look at your own content. Would you watch your own content it was not created by yourself? In other words would you subscribe to your own channel? If the answer is no or maybe you have some work to do.

To create valuable content you will need good equipment. Invest in a good (vlog) camera, a good microphone, a tripod. But also in good video editing software, this will help you to make your videos stand out from the crowd.


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If you have a device that is not synchronising with your pc properly you can try the folowing. (In this example i try to synchronise a Lumia 1020 with my pc):


How to remove your Lumia Windows Phone

Step 1 : Step 1: Click the search, the magnifying glass (in the bottom on the left).

Step 2: Search for Control Panel

Step 3: Click on Hardware and Sounds

Step 4: Click on Hardware and Printers

Step 5: Right Click on Windows Phone, remove the device

(Step 6: Restart your Pc)


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The Isaw Edge is a 4K action camera from the brand Isaw. If you buy an Isaw Edge it comes with a huge bundle of accessories. The camera comes with a waterproof housing with a maximum dive depth of 40m. If you do not need a lot of accessories you can also buy the Isaw Edge “Lite Edition”. This is the same 4K camera but with less accessories.          

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