Open Doors is a global organisation that distributes bibles and Christian literature. Open Doors provides contextualised Christian materials in minority languages.

In the year 2020 Open Doors trained more than 3.3 persecuted Christians across the world. Tainings include leadership and  discipleship courses and trauma care. If you are a Christian it’s ok but if you attend a service that is not registered that is illegal and you can be arrested. Despite the pressure despite the persecution God will do his work.    

Open Doors is supporting persecuted Christians in the world. Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world.

This are places where there is tremendous violence and now Jesus is opening a whole world to them. When Open Doors is equiping them it changes their whole world view.

Syria and Iraq are a great example where Open Doos has centrums of Hope where people can go for trauma care but also to meet other Christians. All believers need to be allowed to share their love for Jesus Christ with others. 



China monitors its population like nowhere before. What happens in China seems to be unthinkable. Pastors can be arrested if they don’t allow surveillance camera’s in their sanctory.

The people in China are praying that God uses the persecution to purify his people. Prayer is crucial important and . We have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in Christ by praying and taking action.

In Nigeria Boko Haram attacks villages. They cut of the communication around the village. There is panic in the streets, people are running. There are gunshots and bomb blasts. People are hiding and trying to reach their house. Boko Haram comes in the clothing of the Nigerian army and they ask questions “Are you an infidil?” ” Or a Muslim” If you answer “I’m a Christian” Its likely you are shot and killed for your faith in Jesus Christ. When Boko Haram is coming into the cities they are looking for Christians to kill them. 




Help persecuted Christians in India 

If you want to take action to help persecuted Christians. You can share the video below on Social Media of persecuted Christians and use the hastag #StandforTruthIndia




Top 5 Countries With Most Persecuted Christians around the world


Number 5

Pakistan where Christians can be falsely accused of blasphemy. Christians are denied work and education opportunities. In Pakistan Christians are jailed and churches are bombed


Number 4

Libya There are just 150 Christians. Churces for Libiyans are forbidden. But Libiyans are coming to Christ through tv, radio and web.


Number 3

Somalia Christians can be killed on the spot. All citizens are assumed to be muslims. Owning a bible can mean instant execution. But Christians meet in secret and many Christians seek Christ.


Number 2

Afghanistan Where Christians have to hide even after death. Christians are burried like muslims, to prevent persecution of family members.


Number 1

North Korea Leaders are worshipped like Gods. People live under contant surveillance. But in prison and safe houses people are coming to Christ