I work for a city town hall. As part of my job i have to print the digital mail. This is a task that comes back every day and i have to print all attachments one by one

(Outlook does not always print all attachments correctly).

To get some work out of  my hands i made e-mail rules. These rules will check incoming e-mail and place them in a new folder called “Backup Mail” and Outlook also prints the attachments automatically.

How to Create e-mail rules in Outlook:

  • Make a folder in Outlook: right click in the navigation bar of Outlook, click on “New Folder”. Give the folder a name. For example “Backup mail”.

    If you have an example  e-mail  that you  can use for the rules: right click the e-mail , click on Rules and after that on “Make Rules”.

  • You can right click any e-mail and click on “Manage Rules and Alerts” if you want to change something afterwards.

  • After that you can select the conditions of the rules, like “Sender”, “From” and “Subject”. Click on advanced options to select more conditions

  • Click on Next and Select “Move to  Folder”  “Backup Mail” and  also select “Print It” if you automatically want to print the e-mail and the attachments .


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