I work for a city town hall. As part of my job i have to print the digital mail. This is a task that comes back every day and i have to print all attachments one by one

(Outlook does not always print all attachments correctly).

To get some work out of  my hands i made e-mail rules. These rules will check incoming e-mail and place them in a new folder called “Backup Mail” and Outlook also prints the attachments automatically.

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1. To Keep Ahead Of The Competition

Your content should be unique and worth to read. You should interact with your visitors by allowing them to react on your content.

Your website content should be good, but keep in mind that the design of your website is just as important. If you visit a crappy looking website you are most likely leave the website to return never again. Compare your website with other websites that are in the same niche and sell the same products. Is your website just as good as your competitor? Or do you have aspects that you have to work on?

Does your website look up to date? It does matter how your website looks like, a website design can make or break your business.

As a business you should have a good working website:

  • Your website should look good,
  • Your website should load quickly; if your website loads slowly people will leave your site before it loads
  • Your website should not have broken links or missing images
  •  It should be easy to navigate 

Write for humans but use keywords in your headlines

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Google Maps Streetview Player is a handy tool to watch your route beforehand.  You do not always need a Tomtom or other navigation system. You can also use Google Maps Streetview Player to view your route. Google Maps Streetview Player uses photos from Google Maps in order to show you the entire route. It works very fast and shows the route by using Google Map photos and showing them in chronological order  like it was a video.


You can also use the Google Maps Streetviewer Player App on Your Android Phone

There is also an alternative for Google Streetview Player, which is Routeplayer

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It's easy to look on Google Images and find an image that matches your content.  But is it safe to use those images on your website? The short answer is "No it is not . You never know who owns the copyright of the image. If you use an image or photo without permission of the owner of that photo, that is called copyright infringement.  


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