If you become a YouTube partner it’s not enough to make loads of videos to make loads of money it simply doesn’t work that way. If you make loads of videos that no one wants to see you still will not make 

the money you want to make with YouTube. Just like the content on your website(s) your videos should be of high quality and should contain information that is interesting for others to know.
You do not make good videos if you think like this: I have some spare time so let’s make some videos. It takes time to make one good video.

You have to create quality videos and drive traffic to them to make money with your YouTube videos. Other than that you should also choose the title of your video wisely. It’s good to be specific when you pick your title.

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Why did I wrote this tutorial?

I’m Linda and 17 years ago I learned myself HTML with books from the library. Now I know HTML, and I have 3 Joomla websites. The one your are on now, Humansponsors.com, is one of them. I also have created many Joomla websites for others and I have learned all the ins and outs of Joomla. 

I have written this tutorial to encourage others to learn HTML easily so that more people will be able to create websites. I personally prefer to use the Joomla content system because with Joomla you don’t have to write the HTML yourself. If you install Joomla,if you install some extensions and a template and you have a website that looks attractive to your visitors lots faster than if you would write all the HTML code yourself.

But even if you use a content management system like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress you will find you need to use HTML sometimes to get your articles the way you want them to look like. So I like to use HTML, but I prefer to use it in combination with a content management system.

All website names, subnames or subdirectory names mentioned in this tutorial need to be replaced for the real website names, subnames or subdirectories to work in a real life site or in an offline webserver.  

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Most new bloggers make a common mistake: they think they can make instant money if they start blogging. Unfortunately that is usually not the case. Many bloggers do not make much money because they make common mistakes while writing blogs. And because their blogs are not on the required quality they will not have the traffic they are hoping for.

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The first step is to build a website with good quality and unique content

After you have built a website with good quality and unique content, it's time to promote your website.

It's ok to share content with other websites, and use content of other websites on your website. But you must not forget to have fresh and unique content on your website. Search engines will give you a penalty and a low search engine ranking if your site only contains content from other websites.  

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