If you want to keep your personal details a secret, you should not share information on the internet. If you do not have a business at home there is no point on sharing your snail mail address to the public. If you have your own business at home you could perhaps think about using a P.O.. Box to protect your personal snail mail address.

Cyber crime has many forms. Phishing to get your personal details is one of them. Other forms are viruses or worms that try to rob your personal information.  Internet fraud happens in fraudulent auctions but not just in auctions.

There are many sellers and websites that sell products. And you should investigate the seller before you buy something. The only time when I was swindled on the internet was for $35,-. I bought an update for a script on my website from someone who created the script on my website. 

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A E-book is an electronic Book which can be downloaded and distributed. There are several ways to publish a E-book when it's ready. But before you publish an e-book you have to make sure the quality of the e-book you are providing is what your customer is looking for.


If you write a poor quality e-book the next time your customer will not buy an e-book from you again or the customer will write a bad review. That is why you should write a good quality e-book. With a good quality e-book i do not mean just the cover. I mean that you offer an e-book with content where the reader learns something from, and talks with others about. Fresh content, better than the content that is offered by any of your competitors.


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It is possible to make money with Youtube videos but you don’t get paid by your videos by Youtube itself. You get paid because Youtube allows you to monetize some of your videos by placing advertisements on the right of you videos. You can only add ads to your videos if you become a Youtube partner.  

You don’t have to add your Youtube videos one by one. If you want to submit videos for monetization you can upload up to 100 videos at one time.

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Running your own Franchise Business is not easy. You need an investment to start a Franchise Business and you need to have money to buy your inventory and the products you want to sell. There are many franchise businesses that start with an initial six or seven figure investment.

You should do a proper research on Franchise Businesses, is a Franchise Business really what you have in mind? Or is it better to startup your own business.

Before you start as a Franchiser you should do research on the following important issues:  

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