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Text Link Ads can be great to make some money to sponsor your website. You can use it to sponsor your hosting costs or even make some money out of the textlink advertisements. One of the companies that offers Text Link ads is the company Text-Link-Ads. 

The company Text-Link-Ads has a large database with over 40.000 publishers. Publishers of Text Link Ads can submit several pages of their website to Text-Link ads.

In this way you don't add the same advertisement sitewide and get one small payment, but you can get paid for several advertisements on several pages of your website.


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Recently I’ve started to build a Wordpress website on my offline web server. Even though my first Wordpress website is not online yet it feels like I’m cheating on Joomla. For the past 10 years I have been building Joomla websites. And it always felt good to build Joomla websites, but i want to explore more options than Joomla. 

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What is ADW Cleaner?
ADW Cleaner is freeware program which removes hijacks, PUP/LPI (Potentially Undesirable Program), Toolbars,  spyware and viruses from your computer. Although ADW Cleaner is a freeware program you can donate money through paypal to the maker of this free Handy utility if the program helped you remove the unwanted programs on your pc.

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