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Wordpress and Joomla extensions directory

The first thing I did when I decided I wanted to try to build a Wordpress site is to watch a lot of themes and extensions. That’s what you need to build a website. That works the same in any Content Management System. It gives you an idea of the possibilities in extensions you can use in order to build your website. That’s very useful when you are brainstorming to find out which parts you want to be added to your website. For example a gallery, or data feeds, or quizzes.

If you want those extensions on your website you can browse through all kind of extensions to find the best extension (in Joomla this is usually called a component or module and in Wordpress it’s called a plug-in).
I do like the Joomla extension directory a lot better than the Wordpress one. I think does look better than But hey that’s just the lay-out of the directory. The Wordpress lay-out is far more simple but it doesn't’t say  anything about the plugins, widgets and themes in it. Those can be far better than some of the Joomla extensions.
Wordpress does have a variety of items in their directory, and just like in Joomla you have to find the good extensions in between the bad extensions.
I became a member of Wordpress so that I can read the reviews of other Wordpress users, reading the reviews of others can save me some valuable time and money because I can pick the extensions I’m looking for quicker and easier. In Joomla I also use the ratings of extensions and the comments of other users in order to find out if an extension is worth a try. If it has really bad ratings / comments I should better spend my time elsewhere.

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