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Wordpress and Joomla Themes – Editing Similarities

There are many Wordpress and Joomla Themes and extensions.
Most of the Free Wordpress Themes contain Links back to other websites. If you have links to other websites in your footer Google will punish you for having those links in your footer. This will cause a lower search engine ranking. But Joomla also has free extensions which also most of the time contain links back to the author of the extensions. Removing the links will (sometimes) be against the copyright, most of the time there will be a paid version without credits to the author (and to other spam links).

If you remove the links in the footer you can receive a notice that the links should be kept intact. The creator of the theme wants you to pay a contribution for a link free theme. You can use the theme with the link in it to try if you like the theme or not. If you don’t like the theme there is no need to buy a paid version from the theme
If you are clever you can remove the links if you adjust some files if you don’t want them to affect your SEO. If you are experienced in adjusting Joomla or Wordpress site that would not be much of a problem.

I think Joomla Themes have more options from the backend of Joomla. Sometimes this includes changing the font, font size and color.
In Wordpress and Joomla you can change the appearance in Plain CSS, and this can be hard for less experienced users that use Wordpress or  CSS for the first time, Wordpress uses plain CSS to change the appearance more than Joomla themes does. There are many PHP files and CSS files you can adjust in the backend of Wordpress. But you have to be more experienced in PHP and CSS files editing to be able to adjust those files. But then again in Joomla you can change things in the CSS file or index.php if your prefer that – just like in Wordpress.  I’m not a manual reading type. I'm someone who likes to learn by trying, but I think if you want to use the full potential of Wordpress you need to read some manuals to get you to understand Wordpress quickly.

You can change the background in the backend of Wordpress in the options of Wordpress when the theme allows you to change a background this will change the whole look and feel of your website. Some good Joomla themes also come with pre defined backgrounds that you can use. You can also alter predefined backgrounds, by using custom CSS
Wordpress offers plugins which enables you to add custom CSS without altering your  actual theme.
Joomla also offers the possibility to create a custom CSS file so that you can also adjust the CSS of the theme without altering the original theme.

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