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Installing Data feeds in Wordpress

For Joomla I used the Affiliate feeds script to download data feeds. Even though it takes time I do think the affiliate feed will be able to save (over) 10.000 data feed items. I usually do add less data feed items than 10.000 though to be able to offer a variety of items of several vendors.
I’ve tried the Wordpress Daisycon plugin It has downloaded several product feeds with a total size of 134 Mb.
I do need to go through all feeds and choose the best product feeds, because the size and amount of product feeds are to many for the size of the website I intended it for. It’s good to be selective and search through the affiliate feeds and make a good quality selection for your potential customers.
But in theory it’s possible to build a large Affiliate store with the Wordpress plugins currently available on the latest version of Wordpress.

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