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To my opinion Wordpress is a good option if you want to build a site with a clean template for example to build an affiliate website. And also if you want to create a blog than Wordpress is also a good option because Wordpress comes with a calendar, an archive and a menu already installed. You don’t need to install any module for it to do so, which would have been needed if you would have used Joomla to create the site.
I prefer Joomla for the websites on which I like to use my creative soul.

But when you look at upgrading the website I think Wordpress is easier to use. If you ask the lazy webmaster, I would for that reason give Wordpress a try.
You have to turn of plugins to upgrade Wordpress to prevent compatibility problems. But if you want to upgrade with Joomla you can use programs to upgrade your Joomla installation and then you most of the time have huge errors and compatibility problems. Usually the components, modules and plugins of Joomla  don’t upgrade as quick as Joomla changes to a new version.

In Joomla you can see when your Joomla version needs to be updated and press a button to do so. In Wordpress you can see that your Wordpress version needs to be updated but you can also see when plugins or Wordpress have received an updated and you can update them just by clicking the button to update them. I think the update process goes easier in Wordpress than it does in Joomla, which is a big Plus for Wordpress users.

I still have to get used to the Wordpress admin panel because I think the Joomla admin panel looks less plain than the Wordpress admin panel.
This doesn't’t say anything of the functions Wordpress and Joomla both have. I think Wordpress and Joomla has similar functions but they are just wrapped in a different coat. 

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