So far I’ve tried the Dutch Ubereats App three times but so far i haven’t been able to order anything. The first time I tried to order via the app I was send a promotioncode by snail mail. I selected what I wanted to eat but when i tried to order no Ideal or Paypal was available. It was only possible to use creditcard to order.

After i was not able to order via Ubereats I used and i was able to order with without any problems.

The second time I tried to order with Ubereats I received a promotioncode in my e-mail. I gave the app a second try and i tried to select two meals. And with the discount of 20,- the meals would have costed me just 4,10. But when i tried to order with Ubereats it gives the notice “Try again Later” when i try to order. I tried for 5 more times. I even tried to order something different in Yummies and Churros instead of the Wok Meal in the Eazie restaurant. Al with the same result “Try Again later”

At this point I was thinking to get 20,- is to good to be true. Obviously those promotioncodes are just to get you tot their app or website. But in this way i will never order anything with Ubereats. Because I was not able to order in the app i started to read reviews of Ubereats online. And the reviews of Ubereats are not good. So I did not feel comfortable to try if I can order on the Ubereats website.

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This is a review of Square Home Launcher. You can find the app in the Google Play Store

I am a big fan of the Interface of the Windows Phone even though i currently own an Android phone. After owning two Windows Phones before. The HTC Touch Cruise and after that the Nokia Lumia 1020

I currently own the Samsung A 70. My previous phone was the Nokia Lumia 1020. I had a lot of fun with that phone. But less and less things got supported and I could not update the Windows version of my phone anymore. Whatsapp was not supported anymore. Because of the lack of support for Windows phone and because Windows phone got discontinued I bought an Android phone.

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1. Create Valuable Content

If you create valuable content tour your Channel and if your patient the subscribers will come to your channel automatically. Watch other channels. And look at your own content. Would you watch your own content it was not created by yourself? In other words would you subscribe to your own channel? If the answer is no or maybe you have some work to do.

To create valuable content you will need good equipment. Invest in a good (vlog) camera, a good microphone, a tripod. But also in good video editing software, this will help you to make your videos stand out from the crowd.


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Since the beginning and before the pandemic i have been working fulltime. I have a fulltime office job. I process the mail of clients and i scan the mail to my colleagues that work from home (on that day). I explain things to my colleagues, i help them with computer issues. Sometimes i also mail them their work from my own home.

Because the amount of work has became more since Covid 19. I had back problems earlier this year because of the amount of work i process.

I drive to my work each and every work day. One day i could not stand up anymore because of my back. So i had a few sick days. That day i bought a wheel like the AB Roller to train my back so that this would not happen again. Soon i stopped using the wheel, because after work im much to tired to use a wheel to train.

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Alt D To put focus in the address bar in browser.

CTRL A Select all content

Ctrl Alt H Highlight a selected text

CTRL C Copy all content

CTRL J Opens list with downloaded files

CTRL D Bookmark a page or article (in your browser)

CTRL F Search for a text

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