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Am I likely to succeed in this business?

You should ask yourself the question "Are they selling the products I like to sell?" You are more likely to sell products that you like to sell. You can pursue others to buy the product if you know your own motivations to buy the product. You should also research if there is really a market for the products that you want to sell. If everyone is selling it, why would people come to your shop to buy the product? And if no one is selling the product yet, what is the reason why it's not being sold or offered in many (on-line) stores yet?


It's important to do research on the market you are aiming for. If you want to leave your normal job for your business you need to be sure you can make enough money from your business to make a living.

You should investigate the risks of starting business now in the crisis time, research if now is the right time to start your business.


I would not leave your normal job if you do not know yet what you will make with your own business. You could possible try start work less on your normal job until your own business will make you enough money to quit. You should have security instead of insecurity.

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