This is a review of Square Home Launcher. You can find the app in the Google Play Store

I am a big fan of the Interface of the Windows Phone even though i currently own an Android phone. After owning two Windows Phones before. The HTC Touch Cruise and after that the Nokia Lumia 1020

I currently own the Samsung A 70. My previous phone was the Nokia Lumia 1020. I had a lot of fun with that phone. But less and less things got supported and I could not update the Windows version of my phone anymore. Whatsapp was not supported anymore. Because of the lack of support for Windows phone and because Windows phone got discontinued I bought an Android phone.

I kept using the Lumia 1020 as a side phone, untill it gave me a sad face (on the screen of phone) and i was not able to revive the phone anymore after that.

I used the Android interface for a while, even though i can get used tot he Android interface, i like the Windows interface a lot better. I like the Windows tiles on my phone.

So I decided to look for an app that can replicate the Windows tiles. I looked in the Google Play Store to find an app to make my phone look like a Windows phone 😊

I tried serveral apps untill i found the “Square Home Launcher” of which i still use the free version. After i started to find out how to create the tiles and add everything i wanted i had a nice looking Windows Style interface on my phone that in my opinion looks better than the Android interface.

Minor Issues with the App

The only bad thing i can think of it that i can not find a way to add Wordblitz and Quiz Game as a Windows tile. But on the other hand I can access them pretty easily through Facebook Messenger.  

Another bad thing might be the fact that I had to go back to Android interface for a while. The reason was that Samsung had an update which made the phone start with the normal Android interface. I could use the Windows interface, but i could not start up the phone with the Windows interface. I was not able to change this in the settings.

The new April 2021 update from Samsung fixed this issue. Now my phone does start up again with the Interface of Square Home


The Square Home App works very well and the interface looks very clean, i now have an interface like on my Windows Phone. I like the Windows tiles of the Square Home App. I still use the free version of the app and not the paid version, this version works perfectly fine for me. I don’t need more options.

The minor issues like described above are really minor issues and for me very easy to work around or to live with. One of the issues has been solved by the last update.

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