So far I’ve tried the Dutch Ubereats App three times but so far i haven’t been able to order anything. The first time I tried to order via the app I was send a promotioncode by snail mail. I selected what I wanted to eat but when i tried to order no Ideal or Paypal was available. It was only possible to use creditcard to order.

After i was not able to order via Ubereats I used and i was able to order with without any problems.

The second time I tried to order with Ubereats I received a promotioncode in my e-mail. I gave the app a second try and i tried to select two meals. And with the discount of 20,- the meals would have costed me just 4,10. But when i tried to order with Ubereats it gives the notice “Try again Later” when i try to order. I tried for 5 more times. I even tried to order something different in Yummies and Churros instead of the Wok Meal in the Eazie restaurant. Al with the same result “Try Again later”

At this point I was thinking to get 20,- is to good to be true. Obviously those promotioncodes are just to get you tot their app or website. But in this way i will never order anything with Ubereats. Because I was not able to order in the app i started to read reviews of Ubereats online. And the reviews of Ubereats are not good. So I did not feel comfortable to try if I can order on the Ubereats website.

I’ve read the following reviews on the Dutch Trustpilot. Ubereats just receives one star on Trustpilot by the reviewers of the app. 


  • Customer: haven’t receieved my order of 33,-. According to customer “They are dirty (…).”
  • Order of 100,- not delivered. After 5 days I am still waiting to receive my money back
  • "Very bad", customer could only order via creditcard, but could not order after trying to fill in the creditcard details. Customer ordered via other foodservice after that.
  • Customer waited for 1,5 hours and did not receive the order

Despite of the bad reviews I gave Ubereats the benefit of the doubt. I also wanted to complete this article with my personal experience with Ubereats. So far I have not been able to order with the Ubereats app. In my eyes the Ubereats app is annoying and frustrating to use. The Ubereats APP was a complete waste of my time.

But with the Ubereats website I was able to order something. On 7 May 2021 at 11.15. I first tried to find Eazie, to order a wok meal, but could not find them on the website and the app says Eazie is not available at the moment.

I could find Yummies and Churros (Koperwiek, Capelle aan den IJssel) and I was able to place an order. I’ve ordered Baklava 6 items for 3,- (This are 5 x 6  pieces of Baklava in 6 small plastic containers). I used the 20,- promotioncode. I ordered for Friday 7 May 12.15 – 12.45. I decided to choose to pay with cash to the deliverer because I did not want to pay anything upfront because of all the bad reviews I have found about Ubereats. Paying €3,- when it its delivered seems like the most safe method to try the service of Ubereats.

7 May 12.09 according tot the website the order will be delivered between 12.20-12.45

The order was delivered at approximately 12.13 by Yummies and Churros. So it was delivered even before the time frame Ubereats gave beforehand.

My order was delivered by the same person from the shop Yummies and Churros where I normally buy Baklava from. Normally I buy 3 boxes Baklava every Friday. But i had a promotioncode now or a €20,- discount. Person from the shop knew that i normally come and buy Baklava every friday. He asked my mum if we received a voucher for the order. My mum told him I ordered via Uber with a promotional code.



Now that i have received my order I will try to order again with Ubereats. (but I will pay my order in cash when it is delivered to be certain)

I will order again. Especially when I get another promotionalcode. I could use this promotionalcode because it was the first time that I tried Ubereats. I’m not sure if i get new Ubereats promotionalcodes after this.

Sometimes Ubereats does send promotionalcodes that give you a discount of €20. In March 2022 you can use the code TIKKIE to get the discount of €20.

With the code EATS2022 you get a 30,- discount but the code is valid until 17 March 2022.

If you do not want to wait until Ubereats sends you a promotionalcode you can use my promotionalcode eats-5xprq1 on your first order with Uber. You will receive a discount of 12,- on an order of €20. And I will also receive the same discount when you use my promotionalcode.

When I do not get a code I could also use or order at the restaurant itself. I do not know if the restaurant pays for the promotional codes or who pays for the €20,-. So i will try a different restaurant each time I order. Also to see how Ubereats works with different types of restaurants. If my experience will be different if I buy something elsewhere.

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