You might already have a cats in your home and it might not be possible to adopt another cat but there are still many other cats that at are looking for a forever home. They need care, medical attention, shelter and food. Your gift can really make an enormous difference in the live of the animal.
If a cat needs medical care they are less likely to find a forever home.

Some cats have not been socialised when they were young because they grew up as a feral or stray cat so they develop defensive and inappropriate behaviour towards people but also to other animals.It can take a long time to gain the trust of the cat. Which is necessary to find a forever home.

But a cat can also have diseases such as FIV and FeLV, If a cat has one of those diseases they can’t live with healthy cats and they require ongoing medical care. When you sponsor a cat you cover the cost of their daily care and their medical care.

If you sponsor a cat you receive updates on every step of the journey of the cat.


Examples of websites that request for help to sponsor a cat or dog :

Cats Protection
Gable Farm
Kitten Rescue
Save Haven for cats
Soi Dog
Wood Green

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