Tip 1: Believe That You Can Reach Anything You Want

You should believe you can reach everything you want, if you only work hard enough for it. Your biggest handicap can be that you think yourself that you cannot reach something you dream of.

If you think beforehand you cannot reach what you want, it will become a self fulfilling prophesy. A prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true.


This will happen if:

 you will not work hard to reach what you want

 you do not even try because you think you will not make it

 you do not believe in yourself and in your qualities

 if you talk yourself down and cannot think positive 


The best tip I can give you is to stop thinking negative and focus on the positive. Tell yourself you can reach everything you want and plan your work around it. Keep believing in yourself and in your dreams and you will become a more positive person on the end.

If you believe in yourself and in what you can do you can also convince others of your qualities and become successful more easily. If you feel down and sad and do not think you can do anything you cannot also suspect others to be convinced of your qualities. Because your body language will tell them that you do not believe you have those qualities even though you try to convince them you have them.

And if you apply for a job it’s very important to believe in your own qualities. Your future boss will look for someone that knows for certain they have the qualities that are necessary to do the job. They will look for people that not only have the right qualifications, but also know how to sell themselves.


Go to a peaceful place in your house and put on some relaxing or exciting music.

After that think about yourself for 15 minutes as being a very successful person, with a high self esteem and confidence in yourself. After this exercise, write down what you felt during this 15 minutes imaging yourself since way.

And also write down tips for yourself to become that way, what you should do to become more confident. Try to do something with your own tips, until you sit down and do the exercise again and come up with new tips to help yourself.


Tip 2: Accept yourself for What and Who You are

You should not think you are perfect. You are human and you will make mistakes, just like me. If you accept yourself for whom and what you are including the mistakes you make and the failures you have to go through. Accepting yourself is a big step in growing your self-esteem. You should know your strengths and weaknesses, but you should not feel limited by them. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, just deal with them. We all feel unhappy sometimes, but we should not let the sorrow lead our lives. Just get over it.

You can see a positive side of something just like you can see the negative side. You can think you are stubborn and see that as a negative ability. But you can also look at it in a positive way and you can see yourself as persistent, a hard worker, someone that doesn’t give up easily to reach a goal, or someone that doesn’t give up on people easily and helps people whenever they can.

Do not let others intimidate you. If they talk negative about you, you should not feel down. Most of people who talk negative, do not know you so well. If they would know you better than they do they would not talk about you this way.

You should not make decisions based on getting the approval of your friends on family. You should make your own decisions and lead your own life – not theirs. Try to be around people who accept you for whom and what you are. If you are around people with a positive attitude you will be infected by their positive attitude.

This doesn’t mean you should let friends down that feel down sometimes. If you comfort them, and talk to them this can help them feeling better again. And that is what true friendship means being there in good and in bad times.

If you help someone they will feel better themselves, but you also will feel better because you have helped them to feel better again. You can help others by doing small things. A compliment may look small to you, but it can mean a lot for your friend and it can help them to grow their self-esteem.

Every moment of your life is a moment that you can change for the better. You should look at certain negative spirals or patterns in your own work. Look at your own behavior and look at the negative patterns in it. You should look in the mirror, try to give yourself feedback. What if you would not be you but a colleague, what would you think of your behavior? Think about your own behavior and make positive changes.

Break through negative patterns and start to build on positive patterns. Make sure you read positive books and programs, and do not read all negative news anymore. If you read positive books and watch positive programs you are not affected by the negativity some people bring on in negative television programs or news. You can look at life the negative – but also the positive way.

If others do not give you the compliments you want, appreciate yourself for the work you do. Give yourself compliments for the work you have done and what you have achieved so far. If others give you “compliments” always respond with “Thank You”. You should realize you are worth it to receive each compliment you get.


Tip 3: Start with thinking positive and do not make up for the previous days failures

Do not be so hard for yourself. You might think you missed an appointment, so you failed that day. That is how you think about it and that is not good for your self-esteem. But you can also think more positive and think about the things that did went right that day. Maybe you missed that appointment but you made a big sale that same day. Level down the critical person in yourself and be happy with the things you have achieved that day. And if you have a crappy workday do not let all workdays be ruined because of that one day. Do not take it to the rest of the week. The rest of the week do not have to be as bad as that one day.


As an exercise you should make a long list of achievements you made in your life. You should read this list each day and close your eyes and think about the feelings of satisfaction you felt when you reached your goals.

You can also make a list with your abilities and qualities, and think of what you are good at instead of what you cannot do. If you take a positive approach your life looks more positive and your self-esteem will grow.

If we do something right on a day this can fuel our energy for a (short) while. If something goes wrong we feel down for a much longer time.
If you feel down, everything looks more negative. So you should not fall in self sorrow.

Start building your confidence with small successes. It does not matter how small a completed task might be, but each small task that you have completed successfully will help to build your confidence. And when you have built up high self confidence you are more likely to do bigger tasks as well. It’s all about having faith in yourself.


Tip 4: Start to Bring Your Message on a Positive Way

If you talk negative to other people, you will receive negativity back. You might lose some friends because you have been talking negative. If you talk to friends or employees be tactic in what you say.

You can say something in a negative way but also in a positive way. If you talk to people in a friendly way, they will accept your message more easily. If you are for example a boss and you always ask people to come in your office and tell your employees what they have done wrong, they will change their behavior.

But they will also hate you because you are never giving them a compliment if you always ask them to come to the office to tell them what they have not done right. If you also ask your employees to come in your office to give them a compliment and to make jokes or just to talk, they like you a lot more. And you will be a more relaxed and friendly person yourself too. Your self-esteem will grow if (most of) your friends, family and maybe employees like you. Not everyone can like you, and you should not try to make everyone like you. But with a positive attitude you will get positivity back by the people around you.


Tip five Set Goals for Yourself

If you want to build your self esteem you should set yourself goals. If you achieve to reach a goal you have set beforehand this will make you feel satisfied. It’s important to write down those goals, to make sure you had those goals, and for yourself it’s good to know when you accomplished a goal.
To reach your goals you should work on your discipline and encourage yourself to do something. Even if you have holidays, and if you are feeling relaxed you can set yourself small goals that you can do.

If you just lay in bed and do nothing in your leisure time, you feel lazy and you will not be as productive as you want in you're working environment.
But if you are active in your leisure time and if you do things where you good at this will give you a high boost because you feel satisfied about what you have achieved. You do not have to do many things in your leisure time, but you can do small tasks, and you will feel satisfied if you finished those small tasks. They will give you a boost because you feel more positive. This boost will help you to be productive in your working environment as well. So you can use it as a spiral to move yourself upward in feeling happy and satisfied.


Tip 6: Go out and socialize

Sitting at home alone, behind your pc will not make you feel better after a while.
If you hate your job, this will not help you to grow your self esteem.

But not everyone of us is able to switch their career to a job they like. Especially in crisis time, we are happy if we have a steady job, even if we do not like what we have to do to make our money.

That is why you should go out during the weekend. If you do not like your work you should spend your leisure time with enjoyable activities or hobbies.

Socialize with friends or family make you think less about your work and make you have a welcome break during the week.
If the only thing you do is work behind the computer and go home and sit down and watch TV and sit behind your laptop all day, you need a welcome break and go out.

If you go out more you will be able to see things in a brighter perspective. You will not feel like you are working the entire week anymore.

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