If you want to increase the amount of followers you have on Twitter please read this article, i will give you tips to increase your followers on Twitter but also on other Social Media Pages.


Step 1: and the most important step: Engage in Conversations

The first step is to start to write messages, not only messages to yourself, but you should become a follower of other twitter users to get followers yourself. You should engage in conversations, show some genuine interest in what people have to say. If you are followed by Twitter users with many followers it's more likely you will get many followers yourself. It does take time to build up followers that are really interested in being your follower.


I think you can see Twitter as one big chat room on which you can find many users to talk with who are interested in the same things you are, who can also become your follower.


Step 2: Twellow – The Twitter Yellow Pages 
The next step to increase your Twitter Followers is to add yourself to the Twitter Yellow Pages, the Twitter Yellow Pages 

do have a name : Twellow.  On Twellow you can have your name, the name of Your Twitter account and URL listed. But you can also list the addresses of many other Social Media Pages


Step 3: Twiends

Twiends is a website where you can exchange followers. If you join Twiends you can also change your settings in a way that you will only add followers that will not unfollow you right after they followed you. We all don't like new followers that play games with us, we like sincere followers that will stay our follower for a long time.


Step 4 : FollowMania

If you use Followmania you can add 20 followers on a daily basis. In return you will receive 20 more followers in the next coming days.


Step 5: Increase your Followbackrate: Unfollow People that don't follow you back

Unfortunately you can't unlimitedly follow people on Twitter and in this way exchange followers. To prevent abuse Twitter has limits on the amount of followers you can have on Twitter. You can only follow a maximum of 2.000 followers on twitter. And you can only follow 1.000 people per day. You can only get more followers if you get more twitter followers to follow you.

That's why it's important to regularly check which users are not following you back, in this way you can unfollow the people that are not following you back.

A disadvantage is that you can only unfollow a certain amount of Twitter users on a daily basis if you use Ferraunfollow. Ferraunfollow does have a daily limit. An advantage is that you can improve your followbackrate with FerraUnfollow. You unfollow the people that are not following you back.

If you unfollow people that are not following you back your Follow back rate will improve. If you have a high follow back rate more people will follow you. 




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