The first step is to build a website with good quality and unique content

After you have built a website with good quality and unique content, it's time to promote your website.

It's ok to share content with other websites, and use content of other websites on your website. But you must not forget to have fresh and unique content on your website. Search engines will give you a penalty and a low search engine ranking if your site only contains content from other websites.  

Use some content of other websites, but do not fill your full website with it.

You can exchange links with other website owners that have a website related to the subject of your site.  But you must not forget to add your website to the search engines and link pages like DMOZ, Bing and Google.

You can start a paid Google AdWords campaign to promote your website on related other websites, but you can also use the techniques in this article to improve your rankings in the search engines. 


Create Inbound links for your website

If an external website links to your website this is called a inbound link. If you want an external site to link to your website you need to create valuable unique content on your website first. Once your website contains valuable content external websites will add links to your website on their website. Not only they will add links, but if you have a good website they will add quotes from your website on their website and share your website on social media sites.


The second step is to use the links of your competitors

The second step in getting traffic for your website is to exchange links with other related website owners. If you want to find good quality websites to link back to you, you can look at the websites that are ranking high in the search engines in the same market (or niche) on the internet that your website or product is aiming for.

Use Open site explorer to find out which sites are linking to the website of your competitors. After you know which sites are linking back to your competitors who rank high in the search engines you can ask the website owners of those sites for a link exchange.


The third step is to add a Site map to your site for a higher page rank

Sometimes it's not easy for the search engines to know the exact structure of your website. They crawl your site but they do not find all your pages, the result is a lower page rank than you should have.

If you want to help the search engines to find every page on your website you should add a sitemap on your website. You can create a sitemap for free with the use of a Free Online Sitemap Generator.


The fourth step is to join and use the Social Media

Search engines think the Social media are very important, if you have a website you can create an username that is the same or almost the same as your business name. 

Of course you will also link to your website on the top of the social media website.
If you have your website or business listed on social media like Twitter,
and you will have a lot of followers, not only you will get traffic because the followers will visit your site. 

The search engines also will “like” your website more because you have many followers and this will result in a higher ranking in the search engines.