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Why did I wrote this tutorial?

I’m Linda and 17 years ago I learned myself HTML with books from the library. Now I know HTML, and I have 3 Joomla websites. The one your are on now,, is one of them. I also have created many Joomla websites for others and I have learned all the ins and outs of Joomla. 

I have written this tutorial to encourage others to learn HTML easily so that more people will be able to create websites. I personally prefer to use the Joomla content system because with Joomla you don’t have to write the HTML yourself. If you install Joomla,if you install some extensions and a template and you have a website that looks attractive to your visitors lots faster than if you would write all the HTML code yourself.

But even if you use a content management system like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress you will find you need to use HTML sometimes to get your articles the way you want them to look like. So I like to use HTML, but I prefer to use it in combination with a content management system.

All website names, subnames or subdirectory names mentioned in this tutorial need to be replaced for the real website names, subnames or subdirectories to work in a real life site or in an offline webserver.  


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