If you become a YouTube partner it’s not enough to make loads of videos to make loads of money it simply doesn’t work that way. If you make loads of videos that no one wants to see you still will not make 

the money you want to make with YouTube. Just like the content on your website(s) your videos should be of high quality and should contain information that is interesting for others to know.
You do not make good videos if you think like this: I have some spare time so let’s make some videos. It takes time to make one good video.

You have to create quality videos and drive traffic to them to make money with your YouTube videos. Other than that you should also choose the title of your video wisely. It’s good to be specific when you pick your title.

You should focus on good quality videos, so not just on how much money a certain video will make on YouTube. It’s more likely this spontaneous funny video will make lots more money than a video that is forced or made to make money with the YouTube partner program.If you are a YouTube partner you should not

  • Click on your own advertisements or view your own TrueView in-stream ads.
  • Encourage others to click on your advertisements. For example by adding an image with an arrow to your advertisement or for example by adding the text click here. You should not offer others money to click on the advertisements that are shown through your videos.
  • Buy fake views that other people are selling
  • Use video, graphics, photos or audio if you do not fully have the rights from them (if you do not own the rights of your own content you cannot monetize the content, and YouTube reviews all your content so they do know if you use anything that doesn’t belong with you)

The typical earnings you can make for your YouTube views is about $0,80,- to $5,- per 1000,- views. The amount of money you can make with your YouTube videos really depends on the niche of your videos (some advertisements make more money than others, just like in the regular Google AdSense program).
If you are running the True View in-stream ads in the settings of YouTube to monetize your YouTube videos every time the advertisement is shown before your videos are displayed the full 30 seconds this will count as a single AdSense click.

If you already have a YouTube channel you should first verify your YouTube channel to unlock advanced product features.
After you have verified your channel you are able to monetize your YouTube videos.

After your channel has become verified you will be able to make money with YouTube.
Becoming a YouTube partner has great advantages:

  • If you are a YouTube partner you will keep the copyright & distribution rights over all your videos without any exception. Before you are made a partner YouTube owns the right of your videos.
  • If you are a YouTube partner your videos will be shown on top of all other videos (so above the videos of people that are not a YouTube partner). This will increase the number of views to your channel but also the number of subscriptions to your channel. Both of these elements contribute in your success as a YouTube partner.
  • Any monetized YouTube partner can offer paid subscriptions so that viewers pay to view the content the YouTube partner offers. This is a valuable option if you have a popular YouTube channel.
  • You will be able to link external websites via image map controls on the channel pages
  • YouTube partners with 15,000 cumulative watch hours over the last 90 days will be to able to upload free unlimited HD uploads,
  • You will have YouTube analytics to be able to see how your channel is performing
  • You can engage your audience to your channel: your audience can subscribe to your channel and you can also subscribe to their channel, leave comments and you can reply to comments given to your videos.
  • Custom Channel branding: you can add your logo to your videos
  • Advanced product features, for example the playlists feature which will enable you to show a list with videos of other videos in your channel so that you can promote your other videos while an user is watching your current video. You can also add associated websites when you apply for this feature.

How to: Use your website, social media and forums to promote your videos

It’s good to know that you do not need to have a website to become a YouTube partner. You can create videos and publish them on YouTube, and make money with YouTube – even if you do not own a website. A website can be helpful however to promote your videos on your own website and make more money from your YouTube videos.

If you have a You tube Channel the content in your channel is king. But even if you upload great videos each time, this doesn’t mean you get a lot of views to your videos. You can get more views by joining relevant forums and advertise your videos in those forums. Let’s say you visit Joomla related forums and you read all the questions people might have when they install Joomla. You can create a tutorial that answers their question, upload it to YouTube, and add the tutorial video in your post to help the person who asked the question. I am sure more people with the same question will visit your tutorial and this will generate you lots more views. If you visit forums on a regular basis you also know what questions other users of a certain product or service might have and you can make a tutorial based on their questions.

Share your videos with your friends and family in the social media, add your videos to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. If you have a video that you are extremely proud of attach them as an e-mail signature. Make sure you spread the word in every way you can.

Disadvantages of being a YouTube partner

  • All of your content should be original. You cannot use third party content in your videos. You must have the original rights for the audio, video and images used in your videos.
  • If your videos have more exposure / views you will also draw the attention of viewers that you do not want for example spammers that add spam messages as a comment to your videos.

You also will not like cyber bullies to add rude comments to your videos . That is the reason why I first review the comments I get for my videos, before they are added as a comment. I do allow both positive and negative feedback but I do not allow spam as a comment on my videos. It’s good to know that every YouTube user (not just YouTube partners) can adjust their privacy settings. You can make your videos “private” so that only you and the people that you accept as friends can watch your video. You can set the videos to “public” and everyone will be able to see the videos. You can set the videos as “not listed” this means people cannot find the video when they search for it in the YouTube search or in Google, but they can access the video if you give them a direct link to the videos. You can also select which comments are allowed, filter the comments or disable comments.


The YouTube partner program may not make you thousands of dollars a month certainly not in the beginning unless you are a celebrity or some kind of marketing guru.

But after some work on your channel you certainly should be able to make a couple of hundred dollars a month. You can become a YouTube partner for free, you can upload your videos for free, and you can make your own videos also for free. All that you have to do is invest some time to create a YouTube channel and to create quality content that YouTube viewers will come back to watch.

Make sure you make one good quality video weekly and if you are able too, probable even more a week. If you post good quality content on a regular basis the viewers of your channel will have something to come back for when they visit your YouTube channel.

In order to build views to your channels and videos you should spend time in joining relevant forums. If you write tutorials you can engage in forums and see what kind of questions users of the same product or service have. You can make a tutorial video on that subject and use that in a way to answer questions in a forum. Usually you help more than one person by answering their post. And a video tutorial is will illustrate your answer. Using your videos on forums will get you more viewers, because usually more people look for an answer for the same questions on a forum.



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