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Bad SEO: Slow websites, old content and bad navigation menus

Seo is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. If you don’t have a good SEO in 2015 your competitors will

It’s not just important to built a website with a great SEO. The website also needs to load quickly and should have a good navigation menu and structure. Google doesn’t like a slowly loading website and / or a website with a bad menu so that visitors will hardly be able to visit any part of the website.

It’s very important to add unique good quality content to your website on regular basis. If you add new content search engines like Google will crawl your website again, and place your website higher in the search engine rankings. The reader of your website should leave your page with the feeling “this article told me something new” or “I learned something today”. And hopefully “I add this website to my favorites to return to it.” 

You should split your text so that it’s easy to read. Make sure your content is like the website Wikipedia, add interesting information for you reader to read. Don’t write for Google write for your readers. If your readers like your content they will share it in the social media, and add links back to your website. If your readers like your website Google will follow them. 

If your homepage just has a banner or a slideshow in it with a few sentences of content, or if the text on your homepage is old, it’s time for fresh new content on your homepage. It’s also a good idea to show newly featured articles on your homepage. 

Make sure to hire influential authors for your website. You will get more visitors to your website, because already known writers will be visited by their current and new readers, the content will be placed (partly) on the social media because readers will share the content. And this will be good for your SEO. 

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