If you do not want to pay for the software you use on your pc and if you look for an alternative for a paid software program you should visit the website AlternativeTO (alternativeto.net)

On the website AlternativeTo you can find free alternatives for Adobe Photoshop, Adobbe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Skype, Utorrent and much more software and apps.

Users of the website AlternativeTo can review and like the freeware* that they find by using the website. Comments, reviews and likes can help you to determine if the freeware option is the right choice for you.

*If you download freeware or shareware you should always determine if it doesn’t contain any malware, adware or viruses .

Be carefull when you go through the installation process and deselect any additional software to be installed and make sure you do not accept any malware, adware or virus.



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