If you want to work from home or if you are looking for  a freelance job you should take your aim seriously. You should know that you will not get to the $1000,- on day one, but if you take the effort and spend time in projects that can pay off you will make $1000,- or more after a while.


Step 1: Save Money: Recognize Scam Companies

There are loads of internet websites that promise you a great amount of money if you if  you invest a X amount of money. The truth is you only lose money if you invest in “Get Rich Schemes” the person that does get rich is the person who has invented the scheme. "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is".

If someone wants me to work for their company, they should value my expertise. They should not ask me money to start working for them. Unless they want me to be a partner or start a business as a franchiser.

If you want to invest make sure you research  the company and read reviews on Google of people that already have worked with the company. Research a company just like you would do before a Job Interview. In this case it can save you time and money.

If you have to promote a product for a company it helps if you promote a product that you have bought yourself. It’s easier to sell something if you can give an enthusiastic sales pitch about a product you know. 


Step 2: What are you able to do?

Effort: Take Your Online Job Seriously / Be Professional

If you are applying for an online job you have to take the job just as serious as if you are applying for an offline job. Be a professional: Write your resume in correct grammar and in full sentences. Double check your spelling and grammar.

If you give examples of your work make sure you send your best work but show off with the quality of your work not with a huge quantity of work you have done.



If you are working full-time you will have some spare time in which you can do an extra job. But if you currently do not have a job you can spend most of your time as a freelance or on your own business.  If you want to achieve something you should make time to do proper research and try different things.


Capacity and Knowledge

If you are trying to start as a freelancer or if you are trying to start your own business you can run into requirements or degrees you should have to be hired for a job.

You have to determine what you are able to do. What are your skills? This includes your language skills: e.g. if you are looking to start an international company, you should be able to communicate in different kind of languages with your customers.

For everyone there are ways to make money online. You do not always need to sell your own products you can start as an affiliate selling affiliate products, promote those products and get paid. For everyone there is a suitable way to make money online.


Step3: Think of Different Ideas that can make you money Online

Get Paid to Blog

You can get paid to blog: if you want to get paid with having your own blog you should create valuable content on your website. You will not get paid from the articles, but you will get paid by advertisers, or affiliate products that you will add in your article or on the sides of your article. You can also earn money from an affiliate website. Write an article about a product you have used and promote it on your website and get paid.


Sell Products

You could also sell (your own) digital products on your website. Create an e-book and sell it on your website. If you are a good writer you can sell your book or e-book online or you can get paid to write articles as an online (article) writer. You can create a paid membership to a part of your website. On a membership website you can offer free but also paid exclusive content on your website.

If you got valuable content you will have returning visitors. And when you have returning visitors you can earn money by selling products on your website.


Conclusion: There are many ways to make money online

You can become a drop shipper,  a freelancer, an affiliate, you can get paid to review websites, to write (articles or an e-book) or to blog. And this are just a few options on how to get paid online. Just pick the most suitable one for you. You got to start somewhere and as you become more experienced you will grow in your knowledge and earn more.

There are different freelance websites some offer micro jobs like the website Fiverr they are easy to enroll but it’s a micro jobs of or a small amount of time you receive a small amount of money. It’s a good site to start, get experience with clients. With the money you make on Fiverr  you can get a relevant degree that is valuable on the higher paying freelance websites. You can built your portfolio while working on Fiverr and use your portfolio when you are looking for a job on a higher paying freelance website.

Successful freelance writers can earn 50 cents to a dollar per word. Some even earn twice as much! If you are good in writing articles you could bundle relevant articles in an e-book. Or write an entire e-book with a tutorial about a subject where you are an expert in.

As an affiliate there are different forms you can look into you can sell clickbank products, become a partner of a website (=affiliate) and  promote of that website on your website.

You can also become a reseller of products but if you want to you can also make money by offering your own products and services on your website.

There are so many ways to make money online, you just need to search and find the way that works best for you.

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