The Isaw Edge is a 4K action camera from the brand Isaw. If you buy an Isaw Edge it comes with a huge bundle of accessories. The camera comes with a waterproof housing with a maximum dive depth of 40m. If you do not need a lot of accessories you can also buy the Isaw Edge “Lite Edition”. This is the same 4K camera but with less accessories.          

If you already own a Go Pro you can use the Go Pro accessories for the Isaw Edge as well. However you cannot use the accu of the Go Pro in the Isaw Edge (and visa versa).

One of the downsides of the Isaw Edge is the price of the accu. The price of the accu is $19,95. In the Netherlands I found only two or three shops that sell the spare battery. Unfortunately beside the price of the accu you also need to pay shipping costs, which costs an additional $4,95 to $6,95 . Which makes the already expensive accu even more expensive.

Euromast Tower (Full HD), filmed with Isaw Edge

It’s possible to use a powerbank and charge your Isaw Edge so that you can use it for a longer time. You do have to take the cover off the Isaw Edge if you want to charge it just like with normal charging. If you do not take the cover off while charging the Isaw Edge will not charge properly. You must see a blue light when it is charging, if you do not see it the Isaw Edge is not charging. I did not remove the cover once and the result was that i could hardly use the camera the day i took it to Maastricht. But that will only happen once, but I hope not to you, because you have read this article.

Currently there are no cheap alternatives for the accu of the Isaw Edge. With one accu you can record for 100 minutes in full HD. You can record in 4K but keep the frame rate in mind when you record in 4K. in 4K the frame rate is 10 fps. You can also record in 2.7 K 15 fps (MJPEG).

The maximum size of the micro SD card you can use in the Isaw Edge is a 64 GB micro SD card. While filming the Isaw Edge makes files of max. 3.8. GB. Which means files of 18 minutes each so that the files that are produces by the Isaw Edge will work on most computers.

The Isaw Edge has a Sony Exmor CMOS with a 16-megapixel resolution.
There are many action cameras you can buy, but what makes the Isaw Edge a good option to buy is the video quality and the build quality of the action camera. The Isaw Edge is more than halve of the prize of the latest Go Pro camera and that is why you have a good value for your money with this action camera.


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