1. Create Valuable Content

If you create valuable content tour your Channel and if your patient the subscribers will come to your channel automatically. Watch other channels. And look at your own content. Would you watch your own content it was not created by yourself? In other words would you subscribe to your own channel? If the answer is no or maybe you have some work to do.

To create valuable content you will need good equipment. Invest in a good (vlog) camera, a good microphone, a tripod. But also in good video editing software, this will help you to make your videos stand out from the crowd.


 2. Create a Professional Looking Thumbnail

Do not simply upload a video without editing the video first. Add some text to the thumbnail of the video.

Customize your thumbnail: Use the original video, make a print screen while watching that video. At a text to the thumbnail with an image editor. To edit my thumbnails I prefer to use The Creator by Laughingbird


3. Create an Intro to your videos

Professional Youtubers often have an Intro in their videos. You can buy professional video editing software to create an Intro. You can also ask to subscribe to your channel in your intro.

Don’t worry if you can not make an intro: you can use a program like Fiver to find someone that creates a professional Intro for you. You can also create one and add an end to your video asking people to subscribe to your channel.


4. Add a Subscribe Button to Your Videos.

If you embed your videos on your website or share the videos in the Social media no Subscribe button is show in the video. You can create a subscribe button and add the subscribe button as a watermark. Now people can scroll over your watermark and subscribe to your channel.


5. Add a Subscribe Button on Your Website(s)

If you have a website you can create a channel around your website. You can embed the videos you create on your website as an illustration for your articles.

Beside that you can create a subscribe button on your website to get subscribers to your channel.


6. Promote Your Videos

Use the social media and your website(s) to promote your videos. You can also go to relevant forums and promote relevant videos in your forum posts. Make sure the subjects and videos are relevant to each other so that the visitors of the forum do not see your posts as spam.


7. Do not buy YouTube Subscribers!

It seems like a good idea to buy YouTube subscribers or to watch other people’s videos and subscribe to a channel and get free subscribers. Unfortunately often these subscribers do not stay very long.

You have a maximum account of 2000 channels you are allowed to subscribe to on YouTube. That’s why people subscribe to get free subscribers and unsubscribe after that to be able to get more than 2000 subscribers to their channel.

If you pay for subscribers you only have those subscribers in your subscriber account. They did not choose to be your subscriber, so they are likely to not even watch the content of your channel.

Subscribers that you buy leave quickly because they also want to get more subscribers. The maximum channels they can subscribe to is 2000. That’s why they unsubscribe because they want more subscribers to subscribe tot heir channel. They do not care if you have any subscribers or not.

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