About Text-Link-Ads.Com

Text Link Ads can be great to make some money to sponsor your website. You can use it to sponsor your hosting costs or even make some money out of the textlink advertisements. One of the companies that offers Text Link ads is the company Text-Link-Ads. 

The company Text-Link-Ads has a large database with over 40.000 publishers. Publishers of Text Link Ads can submit several pages of their website to Text-Link ads.

In this way you don't add the same advertisement sitewide and get one small payment, but you can get paid for several advertisements on several pages of your website.


And it's also better when the searchengines crawl the site of your publisher, it looks more natural if the publisher has 1 or 2 pages that link to your website, instead of 100 of pages with the same link. The searchengine doesn't like paid links, and if your publisher has 100 links towards your site this doesn't look natural. Instead of getting a lot of traffic to your site in that way you coul get a penalty by the searchengines. That's why it's positive if you use Text-Link-Ads you won't promote the link of your advertiser sitewide.


How does the backend of Text-Link-Ads look like?

To show you how the backend of Text Link ads looks like i made the following video. It shows you the backend of Textlink ads and my revenue with Text-Link-Ads.


What's the difference between Google Adsense and Text-Link-Ads?

If you apply to Google Adsense it will immediately starts giving you ads. If your site has enough content. Google Adsense doesnt look if you have link populairity or enough traffic. But once you are approved you will see that your income with Adsense will not be very high if you don't have much traffic to your website.

Text-Link-Ads does look if your site has enough content, enough link popularity and if your site doesn't have to much post every day.

Once your are approved by Text Link Adds you can earn a monthly revenue.


Disadvantages of Text-Link-ads  

A disadvantage of Textlinkads is that you need to have a website that is already populair and has good contain. Otherwise your site can be rejected with the following reasons:

A new site can't apply if it doesn't have enough link popularity. Text-Link-Ads is not meant for websites with a low pagerank or with a low amount of traffic. It's not allowed to submit to many post a day, it's possible you will get your content elsewhere.
Text-Link-ads want you to post unique content to your website.

If you have a high pagerank, your pagerank might become lower if you use Text-Link-Ads on your website.

Another important disadvantage of Text-Links-Ads might be that the advertisers need to be interested to advertise on your website in order for you to make money.   
If none of the advertisers is interested to advertise on your website you will not make any money or you have to wait until one of the advertisers is interested to advertise on your website.


Advantages of Text Link Ads

Once you are approved you are not likely to be be rejected again

The Text Link Ads look just like normal links that fit in with your page, and they will not refer to Text Link Ads in any way, they won't interfer with the look and feel of your website.

Text-Links-Ads Advertisers pay a fix amount of money whether or not the readers of your webiste are interested in visiting the links or not. So you get paid for the links to be there, this is different with Google Adsense, if you use Google Adsense  you will only get paid when someone clicks on the links.


Is Text-Link-ads a good Site Sponsor?

Text-link-Ads is a good website sponsor for experienced website owners, who already have enough website content, and who have enough traffic to their website. For new website owners Text-Link-Ads is not a suitable site sponsor because they will get rejected by Text Link Ads. For them its better to look for another way to monteize their website like for example datafeeds.

Or maybe a new website builders should even consider to start with building a website with good valuable unique content first before signing up with Text-Link-Ads or Google Adsense. This open doors to many other ways of monetizing a website or blog. For example get paid to blog, get paid for advertisements on your website, not just Text-Link-Ads advertisements.

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