Image To PDF Converter converts Images such as .JPG, .JPEG, .TIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PNG, .EMF etc. formats into PDF files. It creates PDF files from Images in a batch process. It is capable to process thousand of images to create PDF files. It does not need Adobe Acrobat Software or any other software. It provides a best QUALITY PDF files from Images of any formats. 

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If you have MyChat Server (10 connections)  installed in your local network or company you can use it to exchange messages.

You can setup your own Mychat server. If your company has limited internet access you can not use Skype on your network. But you can use the Mychat server with SSL encryption for the transmitted messages.  There are different forms of chat tools you can choose from.You can for example use a webchat and place it on your website. This allows visitors to chat to your employees through your website. You can also use an audio, video chat which allows you to have audio or video calls.

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Are you a frequent Netflix user, and do you dislike the current subtitles? You can help Netflix by translating subtitles of the video content. Best of all you can get paid by working for Netflix.

What you can earn depends on the source and target language. The hourly rate of course also depend on how good and quickly you can translate content *.

(* Even though an hourly rate is given on several blog sites, on other blogs i found that translators only get a percentage of the mentioned hourly rate. That’s why i do not mention a hourly rate in this blog, because your hourly rate depends on many factors. I currently do not work for Netflix and i do not want you to take the test based on false assumptions (higher rate than you actually get)).

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The best way to earn money with is by writing reviews on your website. You can write about for your website relevant products with a high search volume.

It’s possible to sign up as a Bol.Com Affiliate. The website is available in the Dutch and English language (Beta Version). offers all kind of products on their website from bikes to coffins (yes you have read coffins correctly,  i’m not joking). But also if you have a Fashion Blog you can find everything from nail polish to fancy dress. So you can always find a product that you can review. Even though it’s hard to review a coffin or you must test it while still being alive.

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