It's easy to look on Google Images and find an image that matches your content.  But is it safe to use those images on your website? The short answer is "No it is not . You never know who owns the copyright of the image. If you use an image or photo without permission of the owner of that photo, that is called copyright infringement.  


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Sometimes you add a contact to your Lumia Phone that you want to delete later on. 
If you don’t know how to remove a contact on your Lumia Phone this article will help you to
delete a contact from your phone. I will also tell you in this article why you can’t delete some of the contacts in your contact list.

How to remove a contact on your Lumia Phone
If you want to remove a person in your contact list you have to go to the Persons app
in your Lumia Phone. Tap the contact and press delete.

It’s not always possible  to remove a contact. If your contact is synchronized with your Facebook or Skype account you can not delete the contact from your contact list by just deleting it from your contact list.
The delete option will be grey and you can not delete the contact just by tapping the contact and by pressing delete.
You will have to unsync your contact  with Skype and / or Facebook. After you have unsynced the contact you are able to delete the contact from the Person app

Unsync With Skype 
If you enabled Skype to synchronize with the people app the contacts in your Skype application and the person app are
synchronized. If you disable the option to Synchronize with Skype your contacts will not be synchronised anymore.

Unsync with Facebook 
Click on the Facebook icon on your Lumia phone. Click on Settings. Tap on Connect to my Phone.
Turn Off "Connect to My Phone". By Default its On.

Two years ago I replaced my seven year old HTC Touch Cruise with for the Nokia Lumia 1020 with a 41 MP camera.

Before i had the Nokia Lumia 1020 i worked with the Windows Phone HTC Touch Cruise. Which was a good Phone when it came out. But when the Touch Cruise  got older I became frustrated of the camera’s 3MP. And just like anyone else i also look at phones that other people had the past few years and i noticed a huge difference in camera quality.

I care more about hardware on a Phone and i do not care for apps on a Phone. That is why i choose a Windows Phone over a Android Phone.

Apps are like software on a pc to me. You can look for a Windows alternative and there are many apps installed in the Windows Store. It’s actually the same as for android users, once you are used to a certain system, you do not want anything else anymore.

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The Nokia Lumia 1020 did allow me to browse it’s contents for almost year with the use of the original data cable that came with the Nokia Lumia 1020.

All of the sudden Windows 7 64 bit didn’t allow me to browse my smart phone anymore if I plug in the data cable. The phone however does charge when the data cable is attached to the computer and also when its attached to a normal wall socket. 

And while I was looking for a solution I came across many sites that offered me a software download that scanned my drivers and after everything was scanned I need to pay in order to install the correct drivers.

And according to the reviews of the software it also didn’t fix the problem at all.

I don’t like to spend money and time on something like a driver that used to be on my pc but disappeared for some reason that I don’t understand. The solution for the problem should be free and easy to find.

Because it wasn’t easy to find, I decided to write this article – to help you find the solution of the problem right way. Without having to search the internet for a couple of hours to find the right solution. 

I do have another laptop, a Samsung Windows 7 laptop. It was upstairs and I haven’t used it for a while. But since I had problems with my HP laptop I brought this laptop downstairs.

And on this laptop I can plug in my Nokia Lumia 1020 and I can browse all items on it with the data cable attached. I didn’t install any Windows updates with this laptop before I started working with it.

Because of all this I did make a backup of all the files on my HP laptop. My HP laptop was getting more and more unstable (I think because of Windows updates). After a while it started up with system recovery.

I decided to do a full system restore to fabric settings. And after that my HP laptop is fast and stabile again, and I can use the Nokia Lumia data cable now on my HP laptop again, to browse items on my laptop.

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