If you do not want someone to attack the admin panel of your website you should create a .htaccess file in the administrator map. To restrict access to your site you can use the following options:

Option 1: restrict access to just one ip address

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from 888.888.888.888
Check your ip address at:

Option 2: Password protect your admin panel by creating a .htaccess file

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Protected"
AuthUserFile /var/www/vhosts/yourdomain name.extension/httpdocs/administrator/.htpasswd
Require valid-user

make a .htpasswd file in the same directory with your password in it like this

You can create the password with the following tool:

Make sure you have  traffic  and content on your website first
Content has to come first before any traffic will come to your website. I do not mean a few blog posts but I mean a large sum of good quality content.  If your site has good quality content and has a good amount of traffic coming to it, your advertisers will come to ask you if they can advertise on your website. You do not even have to look for them anymore

If your site doesn’t have the traffic yet to get advertisers try to trade links, banners and advertising spots with other websites. It’s better to have your advertisement spots filled with free advertisers than with no advertisers at all. No potential advertiser likes to see “Advertise here” place holders. If no one advertises on your website, why would they advertise on your website?

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If you become a YouTube partner it’s not enough to make loads of videos to make loads of money it simply doesn’t work that way. If you make loads of videos that no one wants to see you still will not make 

the money you want to make with YouTube. Just like the content on your website(s) your videos should be of high quality and should contain information that is interesting for others to know.
You do not make good videos if you think like this: I have some spare time so let’s make some videos. It takes time to make one good video.

You have to create quality videos and drive traffic to them to make money with your YouTube videos. Other than that you should also choose the title of your video wisely. It’s good to be specific when you pick your title.

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Why did I wrote this tutorial?

I have written this tutorial to encourage others to learn HTML easily so that more people will be able to create websites. I personally prefer to use the Joomla content system because with Joomla you don’t have to write the HTML yourself. If you install Joomla,if you install some extensions and a template and you have a website that looks attractive to your visitors lots faster than if you would write all the HTML code yourself.

But even if you use a content management system like Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress you will find you need to use HTML sometimes to get your articles the way you want them to look like. So I like to use HTML, but I prefer to use it in combination with a content management system.

All website names, subnames or subdirectory names mentioned in this tutorial need to be replaced for the real website names, subnames or subdirectories to work in a real life site or in an offline webserver.

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