The first step is to build a website with good quality and unique content

After you have built a website with good quality and unique content, it's time to promote your website.

It's ok to share content with other websites, and use content of other websites on your website. But you must not forget to have fresh and unique content on your website. Search engines will give you a penalty and a low search engine ranking if your site only contains content from other websites.  

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If you want to increase the amount of followers you have on Twitter please read this article, i will give you tips to increase your followers on Twitter but also on other Social Media Pages.


Step 1: and the most important step: Engage in Conversations

The first step is to start to write messages, not only messages to yourself, but you should become a follower of other twitter users to get followers yourself. You should engage in conversations, show some genuine interest in what people have to say. If you are followed by Twitter users with many followers it's more likely you will get many followers yourself. It does take time to build up followers that are really interested in being your follower.


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Tip 1: Believe That You Can Reach Anything You Want

You should believe you can reach everything you want, if you only work hard enough for it. Your biggest handicap can be that you think yourself that you cannot reach something you dream of.

If you think beforehand you cannot reach what you want, it will become a self fulfilling prophesy. A prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true.

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If you want to learn how to promote your business on YouTube, you should read this article in which i take you through all seven Steps to successfully promote your business on YouTube.

I will tell you what kind of YouTube videos are popular, and how you can optimize your YouTube videos.
7 Steps to promote your business on Youtube

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