A printer that is not printing or is just printing blank pages is a very common issue. Here are some tips to get your printer to print again.


1. Check the ink level of your cartridges.

If you have an inkjetprinter your printer cartridges might be dried up. If your cartridges are old and almost empty you could buy a new set of cartridges and try if your printer prints again with a new set of cartridges.


2. Clean your printheads and nozzles

If your cartridges are not empty or new clean the printheads and nozzles. You can do this in the menu of your printer.

You can also clean the printhead in a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.

Learn how in the following video




3. Take off the power cable for 30 seconds

Turn of your printer. Take the power cable of your printer and wait for 30 seconds. Put the power cable back into the printer. Turn the printer back on.


4. Check your wifi.

Your printer might use your wifi and your computer might be using the wifi of your neighbours. This can for example happen if you had a defect modem and asked your neighbours to use their wifi signal to still be online.

In my case i figured out my pc was logged in to my neighbours wifi because I used their wifi in the past and my printer was logged into my own wifi. In this case the printer will not print because it does not recieve the print jobs. It is looking for the printer in the wifi network of the neighbours and will not find the correct printer for the print jobs.

Make sure you use your own wifi automaticly.

To make sure that the wifi is setup correctly you can also setup the wifi details in your printer again and check if the printer prints again.


5. Check your drivers and software.

Check if you have an original cd with the software for your printer.

Try to reinstall the software, and check if you can print after reinstalling the software. If you do not have an installation cd download on the website of the printer brand.

For example: I have the WF 7610 printer from Epson. I download my software and drivers here.


6. Change the Print Quality

Unfortunately in some cases the printer will still keep printing blank pages. If you print change the printing properties. Change to glossy paper. If you change the print quality to a higher quality the printer uses more ink. If you make 5 prints in high quality this opens your nozzles. Because your printed page can still have one and the same color like fully blue or fully pink you can try to clean the printheads and nozzles via the menu again to get a normal print. You might want to clean your printhead and nozzles (see step 2) after this step.