I’ve read many reviews from several coffee grinders. And after that i bought the Cuisinoon coffee grinder. I decided to buy the Cuisinoon grinder for 74,95 because i was looking for decent quality and because i’m looking for durabilty and a decent look and feel of the coffee grinder. I was looking for a electric coffee grinder. I have read reviews on Amazon.nl, Bol.Com and Kieskeurig.nl.

The Cuisinoon Coffe grinder has 31 grinding options, which makes it possible to grind coffee for a Espresso but you can also use it for a coarse coffee. You can use it for any type of coffee you like to make. I still have to experiment with the many grinding options.

I’m no longer limited to buy filter coffee because I now can grind my own coffee. In the near future I will try coffee beans from Douwe Egberts but also from Blanche Dael.  (Blanche Dael is a company that i can recommend if you go to Maastricht. They do not just sell very good peanuts but they also have a great assortiment with Coffee beans, tea and so on).

After I bought the Cuisinoon Coffee grinder i received an e-mail from Cuisinoon with a download link for a free e-book: The Cuisinoon Barista Exper E-book. A week after ordering the product I received an e-mail from Cuisinoon in which they asked for feedback about the delivery and if the product reached me in good shape. In the e-mail they also asked me to write a review on the site Bol.com.

I wrote a review on Bol.com and I made a Youtube video about the Coffee grinder. I have send the prove to Cuisinoon.

If you write a review Cuisinoon will send you a heat resistant surprise. 

I think the Cuisinoon Coffee grinder looks great in my kitchen and looks good with all the equipment that I already have in my kitchen. The Cuisinoon coffee grinder is easy to use and works quick.

I also like the aftersale: the free e-book and free suprise I receive from Cuisinoon.