Seo is a very important part of your online marketing strategy. If you don’t have a good SEO in 2015 your competitors will

It’s not just important to built a website with a great SEO. The website also needs to load quickly and should have a good navigation menu and structure. Google doesn’t like a slowly loading website and / or a website with a bad menu so that visitors will hardly be able to visit any part of the website.

It’s very important to add unique good quality content to your website on regular basis. If you add new content search engines like Google will crawl your website again, and place your website higher in the search engine rankings. The reader of your website should leave your page with the feeling “this article told me something new” or “I learned something today”. And hopefully “I add this website to my favorites to return to it.” 

You should split your text so that it’s easy to read. Make sure your content is like the website Wikipedia, add interesting information for you reader to read. Don’t write for Google write for your readers. If your readers like your content they will share it in the social media, and add links back to your website. If your readers like your website Google will follow them. 

If your homepage just has a banner or a slideshow in it with a few sentences of content, or if the text on your homepage is old, it’s time for fresh new content on your homepage. It’s also a good idea to show newly featured articles on your homepage. 

Make sure to hire influential authors for your website. You will get more visitors to your website, because already known writers will be visited by their current and new readers, the content will be placed (partly) on the social media because readers will share the content. And this will be good for your SEO.


Let your readers add comments to your content

If you add the possibility to leave a comment on your article usually your reader comments about the article. The comments can contain questions or extra information regarding the topic. Google does see the comments as content, and also as an interaction you have with the reader of your article. Comments can also contain great suggestions for a new article. 


Add a Youtube video in your content

A Youtube video can be a great way to show the reader of your article the product where you are talking about in the article. Or if you have written an online tutorial you can show the steps you are going through in the article in the video. Most people understand things easier if you visualize them in a video. 

If you create Youtube videos often you soon will have a Youtube Channel and you can become a Youtube partner as well. If you have your own Youtube channel your videos are shown in your channel, and they are shown as a suggestion in your other videos. people can subscribe to your videos and you can also add a link to your website in your Youtube videos and on your channel. 

In this way you don’t only get visitors to your videos and channel but also back to your website. And you place the videos in your article, which makes the article more fun to read and to watch. And because the video is in your article you also send people from your website to your Youtube videos and channel.  


Build a Good Author Rank

Make sure you are active on Google+ and post relevant articles to Google+ and interact with the readers of your content. This will help you to build a good author rank. If you have a high author rank on Google+   articles on your website are more likely to be found higher in the search engine rankings than the articles of a person with a low author ranking.


Mobile SEO strategy

Everyone is browsing websites on their mobile nowadays. More than in the past years mobile SEO becomes very important. Make sure your website is ready for mobile: use or built a responsive website.

It’s likely mobile searches will take over the desktop searches, that’s why you should develop a solid mobile strategy. 


Choose Your Keyword Wisely

To many business and personal websites use spammy keywords. They use to many keywords, because they think if they use many keywords they will get many hits by the search engines. The fact is that when you use many keywords that don’t really describe the content of your website you will be low in the search engine rankings. And that’s how you get less hits instead of many hits. Choose your keywords wisely. It’s better to have a few good unique keywords instead of many keywords that everyone is already using. 

Keywords should come back in your header, content and title. But you should make sure your text, header and title are readable for the human eye. The readers are more important than the keywords to improve your SEO. You should make sure your title, content and header are not stuffed with keywords (you will get punished by Google for doing that). And your title shouldn’t be to long. It’s better to have a good readable title that is a short summary of your content.

You should optimize your website for one single subject, and make sure the information in your article contains everything your readers need to know on the subject – and more.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media

When you use the social media as an individual you will have a Klout score based on the social media activity you have. You can link all your social media accounts together.

If your company is active in the social media this will boost your Search Engine Rankings  


Marketing E-mails need to be Personalized To Take Any Effect

How many times did you receive marketing e-mails this year of products that you are not really interested in? How many e-mails did you receive that you considered spam? This is how you should look at your own e-mails.

The best way to send marketing e-mails is by sending marketing e-mails that are focused on the needs of your customers. If a customer signs up for a newsletter or buys something you can ask them to sign up for a newsletter. Make sure you have several newsletters and make sure your customers can select the products they are really interested in. If your customer also can leave you feedback with ideas this can also help you to do relevant offers.



A good SEO is no longer based on keyword stuffing, there are many factors that decide if your website has good SEO. Some of the most important SEO factors are:

  • Good Quality Content. You can better choose one subject to write about

In your article and fill the article with all the information that there is possible to know about the matter. Choose your keywords on that one single subject your article is about and you rank higher in the search engines. Focus on one single subject and be the person that wrote the best content on that single subject.

  • A responsive / Mobile ready website
  • Review System On Your Website so that your readers can leave comments, and you can learn from their suggestions
  • Social Media Share buttons, Twitter and Facebook Feeds. Anything to help your readers to interact with you in the social media.
  • Interact on Google+ to built an author rank