What is ADW Cleaner?
ADW Cleaner is freeware program which removes hijacks, PUP/LPI (Potentially Undesirable Program), Toolbars,  spyware and viruses from your computer. Although ADW Cleaner is a freeware program you can donate money through paypal to the maker of this free Handy utility if the program helped you remove the unwanted programs on your pc.


Why did I need ADW Cleaner?
My browser was hijacked by the Search Certified Toolbar.
I’ve installed iLivid on my pc before the Search Certfied Toolbar appeared, so the toolbar might be a result of installing Ilivid.  I uninstalled Illivid because I think I don’t need it. And because I think it installed this malicious toolbar. And if it didn’t install Search Certified Toolbar it probable does install other toolbars we both don’t want on our pc. As a result of all this I now am more carefull in  what I download and install on my pc.


What did I try  prior to ADW Cleaner?
The search certified toolbar was the first page that opened up when It opened on all the browsers that are installed on my pc. I had no problems with the toolbars that might have been on my pc already, but the Search Certified Toolbar was bugging me because I actually saw it on the first page when I opened my browser. That’s why I needed it to be gone. I don’t like anything to open up in my browser if I didn’t install it on purpose.

I checked some internet forums for a solution. After reading the solutions on the forum I tried the suggestions on the forum.  I tried to remove the toolbar by changing the internet options startpage to another page. Or to a blank page. I also went to Google Chromes and Internet Explorer options and tried to change my search engines and start up page. I cleaned my cache. That didn’t work, the Search Certified Toolbar hijack was still there.

I tried several programs before I tried ADW Cleaner.

I tried
• AVG Free Virusscanner
• CCleaner
• Lavasoft Adaware

I tried some paid programs. The paid programs did find the Search Certfied toolbar, but they begged me to pay them, and only if I would pay for their program they would remove the program. Well I didn’t pay any paid anti virus or anti malware program and that’s why these programs also didn’t remove anything from my pc. I can’t say if they are of any good because they might work or not when you pay for them. The good thing of ADW Cleaner is that it’s freeware, so you can remove your unwanted programs without having to pay for it first. So you can see that this utility does work.

Although AVG said it did remove two trojans, it did not remove the Search Certified toolbar. All the above programs did not remove any toolbar. Best of all AVG recognizes ADW cleaner as malware and added it to the quarantine of AVG virus scanner. I still use ADW cleaner in combination with CCleaner, AVG and Lavasoft Adaware (not inh the same time). To keep my system as clean as it can possible be.

How does ADW cleaner work?
I ran the program, and after it was finished it rebooted the system, after that the ADW Cleaner program told me in a log file that it did remove the search certified toolbar and a few other toolbars like the AVG toolbar, the Incredimail toolbar and the Babylon toolbar.  I already deactivated the Babylon toolbar in my Browser options so it was a toolbar that was still there but that I didn’t see in my browser anymore.

I ran the program again and after the rebooting the system for the second time the log told me my system is clean and it didnt find anything. Which is good because they removed all spyware, adware and toolbar the first time I scanned the system.

When i started the browser i still saw the search certified toolbar startup. But since my register was now cleaned i decided to remove the shortcuts in my taskbar and  to simply reinstall Google chrome, Mozilla and internet explorer. That did the trick, also after many restart the toolbars did not came back! I now run ADW cleaner every once and a while and keep the program up to date. This will remove all unwanted and undesired programs from now on. 

What does ADW Cleaner remove?

ADW cleaner can remove all kind of Hijacks. It removes for example the following toolbars:
- AVG Search toolbar
- Babylon
- Claro
- Conduit browser
- Funmoods
- Incredimail toolbar and software advertisements
- Search Certified toolbar
- Searchqu
- SaveByClick
- Sweet Im
- Trojan virus JS:ScriptSH-inf

What did ADW Cleaner do?
My computer runs must faster now which is great. And before i could not get Mozilla to work on my Windows 7 computer but  since Adw Cleaner has cleaned my registry from all kind of unwanted malware toolbars it does run on my pc just as good as any other browser on my system!
Adw cleaner removed the Search Certified toolbar. It also removed the AVG virus search toolbar and the Babylon and Incredimail toolbar. AVG virus cleaner recognises ADW Cleaner as Malware and added the  ADW cleaner to the quarantine, and I removed it from the quarantine again
Because I don’t think ADW cleaner is malware. On the other hand ADW cleaner removes the AVG search toolbar so I can understand why AVG virus cleaner tries to remove ADW cleaner from my system.

It also removes / blocks the advertisements which are shown in incredimail. I don’t see any advertisements in my incredimail mail program anymore since I have used ADW cleaner.